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We’re Verve and we’ve been making wealth building accessible to all since 2018.

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At Verve, we think a fairer, more equitable society can change the world. In fact, it’s what we’ve always believed, and why we created Verve Super in 2018 and later Verve Money.

Today we have 25,000 amazing community members (and growing) working towards their financial independence – and importantly, we’ve helped invest $270 million in a better future for all. That’s why we’re investing 20% of every Verve Money portfolio in climate solutions.

Verve Money is open and inclusive for anyone to join. If you’re a woman, non-binary, a migrant, First Nations person, or identify with another group under represented in investing – then a special holla to you, you’re welcome here!

If you’re ready to build your wealth without compromising what you care about, let’s do it together.

Chrissy, Alex and Zoe x

Verve Team

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What even is ethical investing?

Good question. To us ethical investing means uncompromising returns: we don’t compromise on our values (hopefully your values too!), and we don’t compromise on seeking a financial return for our members. 

At Verve, we don’t believe it’s good enough to just screen out a few harmful industries like fossil fuels, weapons and tobacco. We really want to create change. That means having a robust screening process in place and seeking out investments that will leave the world in a better place than before we started investing. 

There’re three steps to how we invest ethically. 

  • We screen out companies and industries that we believe are engaged in harmful practices, i.e. no nasties like direct revenue from the mining, extraction, burning or transportation of fossil fuels. 
  • We seek investment opportunities that have a positive impact on addressing climate change or social inequality, like investing in renewable energy infrastructure, disability housing, healthcare, education and healthy food production. 
  • We balance our investments and ensure adequate diversification to deliver returns without unnecessary risk. 

You can read more on our ethical investing page.

How do I know your values are my values?

We think the best we can do is be upfront about our values and honest about what we do and don’t invest in, to let you make that decision yourself. 

Before we started Verve Money we interviewed and surveyed over 500 people to understand what was important to our future members. Check out our ethical investing page, you’ll see a list of the investments we avoid, and also those we seek. You can also find a link to our full investment list so you can have a look at the investments we make and decide for yourself.

Is ethical investing expensive?

Our mission is to make ethical investing accessible and affordable to support anyone to achieve their goals by investing in line with their values. 

We’ve designed Verve Money as a low-fee way of entering ethical investing and we’ve made it possible to do so on a small balance (remember there are no account fees or investment management fees charged on balances under $1,000).

But to be clear, we’re not setting out to be the low-cost carrier of investing. 

Instead, we make it as easy as possible to get involved and aim to balance the cost of doing ethical investing right with better financial outcomes for investors.

Who's behind Verve Money?

Interests in the Verve Money Fund (ARSN 662 622 899) are issued by Melbourne Securities Corporation Limited (ACN 160 326 545, AFSL 428289).

The Manager of the Fund is Verve Money Pty Ltd (ABN 71 653 669 366, AFS Representative No. 0012941184), a Corporate Authorised Representative of True Oak Investments Ltd (ABN 81 002 558 956; AFSL 238184).  The Verve Money team has been in the investment industry for many years, with Verve Super operating since 2018. Verve invests more than $200 million in funds for more than 6,000 members across both our products. You can read more about the founders on the 'about us' page.

How do I get started?

We thought you’d never ask! Sign up and download the app to get started.

Once you sign up you will: Set your goals, choose an investment portfolio, and make a deposit, and that’s it!

With no account fees or investment management fees on balances under $1,000, and only $1 needed to get going, there’s every reason to start.

How can I think about investing when markets are rocky?

It might feel comforting to have money in the bank, but over the long term it can really end up costing you. If your money is sitting in the bank and not doing much it can actually lose value over time - especially when inflation is high and the cost of things is increasing. 

If you ask the experts, many will tell you to jump in and buy when the markets are down (so that you can catch the upside swing). However, this can also feel a little scary when there is still strong volatility and your balance is likely to go up and down in the short term.

At Verve, you select from three ethically invested investment options with different minimum investment time horizons, that remove unnecessary risk through diversification. You can learn more about each of our portfolios options in the app or here.