Investment deep dive: Murray-Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund

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Investing for a better world

In a world where the rhythms of nature are being disrupted, where every drop of precious water counts and where ecosystems hang in a delicate balance, the way we invest our money matters.

Founded in 2004, Kilter Pty Ltd (Kilter Rural) is one of Australia’s leading water managers. With more than $355M of water, farmland and ecosystem assets, they were founded on the desire to build long-term value for investors through resilient farmland and physical water investments.

As part of its mission to deliver profit for impact and support sustainable food production, protect biodiversity and mitigate climate change, Kilter Rural has a number of funds open to investors, all of which are committed to supporting Australian farmland and surrounding water assets. One such fund is the Murray-Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund or ‘BWF’, which Verve Money is proudly invested in. 

Contributing to permanent water rights in the southern Murray-Darling Basin (sMDB), through Kilter Rural’s BWF, is just one of the ways your money is ethically invested through Verve Money. Shall we learn a little more about them?

What we love about Kilter Rural and the BWF

The BWF is renowned as the first investment vehicle in Australia to provide investors like you with the opportunity to secure water for agriculture, realise a financial return and restore threatened wetlands — all at the same time.

Founded in 2015, the Fund is managed by Kilter Rural in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy. Trading water entitlements in the sMDB area, this project provides local farms with access to life-giving water, while reserving a portion for conservation activities that sustain local ecosystems. 

Widely regarded as one of the world’s most sophisticated water markets, the area covered by the BWF is roughly the size of Germany and encompasses major river systems from the Murrumbidgee to the north, as well as the full length of both the Murray to the east and the Goulburn to the south.

Over the past eight years, Kilter Rural has donated over 10GL of environmental water to 30 wetlands across Victoria and New South Wales (NSW). 

By aligning their donations with the seasons, they are able to donate up to 90% of the Fund’s water to support farmers in ‘dry seasons’, and up to 45% of the Fund’s water to support wetlands in ‘wet seasons’. 

This approach, which turns traditional water allocation on its head, shows how a precious resource like water can be made available to those who need it most, just at different times, without impacting returns and results.

Why we think you’ll love them too

Since 2004, Kilter Rural has restored over 350 hectares of diverse wetlands in southwest NSW, with a total commitment to donate over 6,000 Olympic swimming pools’ worth of water since inception. 

Helping to create a stronghold for the endangered Southern Bell Frog and Eastern Regent Parrot, they also reintroduced the previously locally extinct Murray Hardyhead fish, and monitoring has shown an increase in bird diversity of up to 212% and an increase in bird abundance of 282%. 

Traditional Owners have been heavily involved in the strategic process behind when, where, and how the water is allocated, and the project has helped restore and manage the Carrs, Cappitts and Bunberro wetlands, which are home to Aboriginal artefacts, scar trees and 17 culturally-significant plant species used for food, medicine, and sustenance.

Innovation and inclusion

For 10+ years, Kilter Rural and the BFW have been at the forefront in innovation of new water solutions, and entirely transformed the way irrigators think about water needs, use and access.

Delivering responsible returns to investors, Kilter Rural has also formalised a partnership with Accounting for Nature to measure the condition of the environments that they manage, gain independent assurance, and enhance their ESG disclosures. 

Want to find out more about what you’re invested in through Verve Money?

At Verve Money, we want to help you build towards the kind of financial freedom that doesn’t rob the earth, or our futures. Beyond ethical investing in big corporates, we hand-pick investments that drive climate solutions and social wellbeing, just like the BWF. 

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