2023 Money Challenge

Starting tomorrow!

Welcome to Verve’s 2023 Money Challenge: 21 days of tips, tricks, and accountability to turn your money goals into action. 

How it works

Over the next 21 days you’ll receive an sms every morning. Each day we will help you establish easy habits and take action to kick some money goals.

Things to do before the challenge starts

1. Make sure you have the kickoff event in your calendar for tomorrow Wednesday 8th February at 7.30pm AEDT (check your email for a zoom link).

2. Help us by taking this quick (anonymous)  Money Health Quiz so that we can tailor content to your needs and measure your progress after the challenge.


The goal isn't more money, it's living the life you dream.

- Chrissy Hobbs, Verve Money CEO

Meet your award winning coaches

Zoe Lamont

Zoe is Verve’s head financial coach/co-founder. She is particularly passionate about the health and wealth of regional women. 

Zoe lives in Wagga Wagga on her rural property, and might even introduce you to her chickens in the live workshop if you’re lucky!

Grace Mugabe

Grace is a Money Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Small Business Money Mentor and an Accountant, with personality and sass! 

She specialises in all things financial literacy and education – and has a particular interest in empowering women, migrants and other under-represented communities.