2023 Money Challenge

day 11

Day 11

Did you know? Your investments can return more than just a profit. This can also help with the overwhelming decision of how and where to invest your money. Let’s talk responsible aka ethical or sustainable investing.

Whether your cash is in the bank, an investment app, or direct shares – your money will not only be funding your goal but also funding the growth of companies and industries out there in the world. Where we invest our money impacts not only our returns but also the environment and society we live in!

You should be able to find this info on your bank’s or investment fund’s website. Here’s an example of how the Verve Money App invests. What’s an example of a company or industry your money is currently invested in? 


To kick-start your thinking, rank what the most important issues to you are below. Don’t forget to hit submit!

Today’s word of the day is: amazing

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