2023 Money Challenge

day 2

It's goal time!

Today I’m giving you my tried and tested process for setting goals. 


Because goals are about putting deadlines on our dreams. If we don’t have goals we can spend our life working really hard, running up and down the field, but failing to score. 

The learnings and inspo from the Day 1 event will help with today’s task, so if you missed it, the recording is available here (don’t have time, that’s fine too). 

– Zoe


1. Access your Challenge Workbook this will work best on a computer or tablet. You don’t need to use this, but it’s our way of helping you organise 🙂 . If you’d prefer,  find a notebook to use for the challenge. 

2. Read the blog “Hit your New Year money goals in 2023 (even if you failed in 2022)”

3. Create a money goal (or goals) based on the goal setting approach in the blog you’ve just read. Either complete the first two rows of the Money Plan in the Workbook, or use your own notebook!

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Day 2 word of the day… 


 Ok, so, you’re doing this for yourself! But who doesn’t love a good PRIZE. Collect the word of the day each day for 21 days to spell a powerful affirmation. Get the affirmation right, and you’ll be in the draw to win $500 towards your most important financial goal.*
*T&Cs apply


About Verve Money

 Verve Money is an ethical investing app that makes it easy to start investing towards your goals. Best of all, we want you to feel proud of your money. That’s why we seek to invest 20% of our funds in climate solutions.