2023 Money Challenge

day 6

A Money Date

Today we’re asking you to schedule a recurring money date with yourself… lucky you, getting to go on a regular date with someone so interesting and attractive (you can thank us later)! 

Seriously, you have important money goals, and over the next two weeks we’re going to help you start saving and investing towards them. But we need to form great money habits to keep the momentum going throughout the year. A regular date with yourself to check in, track progress, make changes, and catch issues early is going to put you in the drivers seat and help to reduce any money stresses you have. We’re even giving you a play list for your date night!

— Zoe 


1. Make a regular money date with yourself, it might be fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. As long as it’s on repeat and you lock it into your calendar today. Include a partner, friend or household member if that works for you!

The idea is to use this time to ask yourself these questions (you can copy these into your calendar notes):

      1. How are my money goal/s tracking? 
      2. What’s working well?
      3. Any challenges? Hold ups? Set backs?
      4. What’s the most powerful action I can take before my next money date?

Fun tip?! You might want to play some uplifting beats on your date, here’s a playlist for some inspo.

Day 6 word of the day… 


 Ok, so, you’re doing this for yourself! But who doesn’t love a good PRIZE. Collect the word of the day each day for 21 days to spell a powerful affirmation. Get the affirmation right, and you’ll be in the draw to win $500 towards your most important financial goal.*
*T&Cs apply.

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