2023 Money Challenge

day 7

Go you! Week one is done.

Today is all about reflecting on what you’ve achieved and creating some visual prompts to keep you inspired and mentally on track throughout the year. Research shows that visually representing a goal makes you more likely to achieve it (and you know how much we love our money psychology).

What’s coming up next? Now that you have the foundations in place the next two weeks are going to be all about saving and investing tips and tactics to help you build wealth and hit your goals.


1. Find or create an image representing your goal/s and keep it where you’ll see it most (think: your screensaver, a post-it note on your fridge, a moodboard, or written in lipstick on your bedroom mirror… you do you!). You could design something in Canva if you’re into doing things digitally, or simply find an inspiring picture on Pinterest (you can see our example below). 

2. Now celebrate the progress you’ve made this week! Tick off the checklist below. Then let’s send a wave of gratitude and inspiration out into the world!! To do this, take a pic of your money plan, money space, affirmation, or visual reminder and tag us on Instagram (@verve.money) using the hashtag #VMxChallenge

Status Check

Let’s review the progress you’ve made in Week One! Check off what you have achieved below or in your Workbook, and review the previous links to catch up on any that you’ve missed. The next two weeks are going to be about learning savings and investing tips to help you build wealth (and get out of debt if that’s where you’re at)

 I have a clear, inspiring goal

 I have a basic goal based money plan

 I have a positive money affirmation

I have an approach for keeping track of my income & expenses (if I want one!)


 I have a money admin space

I have a regular money date with myself

I have a visual reminder to keep me on track with my goal

I feel so confident with my goal that I want to, or have shared it to inspire others

Did you nail it? Are you needing some motivation to tick them all off? See what others are up to in thFacebook group.

Day 7 word of the day… 


 Ok, so, you’re doing this for yourself! But who doesn’t love a good PRIZE. Collect the word of the day each day for 21 days to spell a powerful affirmation. Get the affirmation right, and you’ll be in the draw to win $500 towards your most important financial goal.*
*T&Cs apply.

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