Money love language

Understanding your money love language

by Verve

Whether it’s how we talk about cash with our best pals, or how we broach the topic with our inner monologue, knowing our money love language, and learning how to harness its many quirks, can be powerful.

On the flip side: misinterpreting our money styles can be as restrictive and uncomfortable as an ill-fitting bra. Take our money quiz here to identify your dollar sign and then scroll down to dig a little deeper into your money love language. 

Big spender 💸

Howdy there, big spender! You’re likely to be money-motivated and making big bank, or at least planning to. No matter your income, you’re a confident money manager and feel good about making financial decisions that work for you. That said, you could be more inclined to spend big than save for the sake of it, which means your emergency fund may not always be front of mind.

Harness your power: Checking your bank balance daily can be a helpful way to keep you on top of what’s coming in and going out. This can be a great asset when it comes to planning for the future. 

Savvy saver 💰

Your emergency fund is glowing, and so are you! You’re likely to be a risk-taker if it means saving big and have already automated your cash-stashing systems. What’s exciting is that you’re likely already investing to save for the future and are clued up on methods to maximise your compound interest. All this savviness could mean you’re skipping the odd treat here and there though.  

Harness your power: Being an active saver stands you in good stead to budget effectively. A budget planner that works for you could take your organisation up a notch. Adding a treat column can also lighten the load when it comes to any spending-related guilt. 

Safety first 🦺

You’re playing it safe when it comes to money, which may mean sticking to traditional strategies for how you spend, save and invest your cash. You’re likely to be cautious with your financial decisions, but are a total queen when it comes to seeking professional advice. You’ve probably bookmarked tons of well-researched money articles and podcasts – this may be time-intensive but can improve how you feel about money in general. When you’re used to playing it this safe, making the move towards more active investments may prove tricky. 

Harness your power: You’re most likely a buff when it comes to researching the pros and cons of any financial decision. You can use this to your advantage when aligning your money goals to your personal values. 

Chatterbox 💬

If someone wants to talk about money, you’re the go-to friend. Whether it’s debunking wages, or talking about your savings goals, you’re likely to be the mate who’s making it feel achievable. Typically, you’re highly motivated and like to keep score of how you’re tracking. This may make you an active budgeter, but setting such high expectations for yourself can result in a lot of pressure. You may need the occasional reminder to lighten your load.

Harness your power: You’re in the driving seat when it comes to your money goals! If aiming high feels good, you may want to lean into this and aim for the sky. Balancing your money-related ambitions with your general life goals could be the key to self-fulfilment for you. 

Future focus 🔮

You’re saving, you’re learning, you’re growing! If you’re focused on the future, you’re likely to be making the most of financial tools, whether that’s attending online workshops, listening to money podcasts, or reading up on government schemes. You’re likely to be just as clued up on superannuation and how you can maximise your super for future you. Building a great future looks awesome on you, but don’t forget to live in the present sometimes, too. 

Harness your power: You’re doing all the things and sharing your newfound money knowledge as you go. Consider spending some time investigating some longer-term diversification and savings strategies that fit with your future focus.

Optimist prime ☀️

Whether you’re a risk-taker or prefer to remain passive with money, you’re likely to be financially optimistic. This could impact your likelihood to take action, as financial optimists often plan for the future through a more critical lens. You may not be super concerned with how much money you have, but find confidence in applying an analytical eye to your own money moves

Harness your power: If you enjoy collecting data and doing detailed research, you could consider using this motivation to build an emergency fund that protects future you. 

These prompts can help us to reflect on how we feel about money. More than one of these styles may resonate with you, and that’s okay. What’s cool is that you define your money mindset and it can change and evolve over time.

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