Growing your wealth while doing good?

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An investing app that supports your
financial fierceness.

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We value
your values

More impact

Beyond ethical investing in big corporates, we hand pick investments that drive climate solutions and social wellbeing.


Be a goal getter

Set your personalised money goals – then watch as you achieve them with automation and ethical investing.

Set your goals

We structure everything around your goals! Because clear targets make you more likely to save, invest and build wealth!

You can kickstart your investing with a common goal from the list – or create your own.

(And you can change it any time)

Choose an ethical
portfolio and make
your goals happen!

Our ethical investing experts have designed three diversified portfolios which balance risk and returns. Invest with pride knowing 20% of each portfolio is invested in climate solutions.

Make investing

Like you, this app is pretty powerful. Easily set a monthly amount to automatically feed your money goals. You can top up or stop at any time. The power is yours.

Be a goal getter

Easily track progress towards your goals. Our experts will keep you updated on how your portfolios are performing and what investment decisions we’re making. All while you’re out enjoying life.

Invest in you and the
greater good too

It’s never been easier to start investing in yourself and the world around you.